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Blue Plaques in London

Charles Babbage Blue Plaque - Charles Babbage 1791 to 1871 Mathematical genius, astronomer, inventor and "Father of Computing"
Karl Marx Blue Plaque - Karl Marx 1818-1883 lived here 1851-56
St. Martin Orgar, London Blue Plaque - Site of St. Martin Orgar Church
London House Blue Plaque - Site of London House  Destroyed by fire  1766
Siegfried Sassoon Blue Plaque - Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967 writer lived here 1925-1932
William Jackson Hooker And Joseph Dalton Hooker Blue Plaque - Sir William Hooker  1785-1865  Sir Joseph Hooker  1817-1911  Botanists  Directors of  Kew Gardens  lived here

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