Priory Of The Blackfriars Blue Plaque Photo

Priory of the Blackfriars blue plaque - Site of the Priory of the Blackfriars founded 1278

Priory Of The Blackfriars Blue Plaque Map

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Hablot Knight Browne Blue Plaque - Hablot Knight Browne alias 'Phiz' 1815-1882 illustrator of Dickens's novels lived here 1874-1880
Max Wall Blue Plaque - Max Wall entertainer 1908-1990 was born here
Bronze Plaque № 10954 - From near this spot December 19 1606 sailed with 105 adventurers the Susan Constant 100 tons Capt. Christopher Newport. In supreme command the Godspeed, 40 tons Capt Bartholomew Gosnold the Discovery 20 tone Capt. John Ratcliffe. Landed at Cape Henry Virginia April 26 1607 arrived Jamestown Virginia May 13 1607. Where these adventurers founded the first permanent English colony in America under the leadership of the intrepid Capt. John Smith...