Frederic Leighton Blue Plaque Photo

Frederic Leighton blue plaque - Lord Leighton 1830-1896 painter lived and died here

Frederic Leighton Blue Plaque Map

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Sam Wanamaker Blue Plaque - Sam Wanamaker   1919-1993  Visionary who recreated   Shakespeare's Globe
Walter Scott And Thomas Blackwell Terracotta Plaque - The Cedars. Gateway of The Cedars, home of Thomas Blackwell (died 1907) giver of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground and benefactor of All Saints Harrow Weald and St Anselms Hatch End Churches. House visited in 1806 by Novelist Sir Walter Scott.
James Murray Blue Plaque - Sir James A. H. Murray schoolmaster, philologist and editor of the New English Dictionary lived here 1870-1885