5 Shops on Oxford Street You Must Visit

These are our top picks for the best shops to visit on or near Oxford Street (for fashion and shoes)

Oxford Street is arguably the most famous shopping street in the World. It is bustling with approximately 300 shops including flagship stores by a number of leading brands.

There is no doubt that if you are making the trip to central London you may well be planning on spending some time shopping. Alongside Regent Street; Old and New Bond Street,; and Carnaby Street,  Oxford Street is a natural destination. Oxford Street should definitely be on your list of shopping streets in London to visit just for Selfridges (spoiler alert). It is definitely on the list of most iconic  places to visit in central London, especially for fans of the board game Monopoly.

Forget about standard Monopoly rents, London rents are high and with three hundred shops on Oxford Street if you were the real landlord you could help yourself to the goodies at the stores.

Snap back to reality before you find yourself a little overawed by the idea. Westminster is a magnet for people who think they have money like the Duke though - which is where we can help. These are our recommendations for five shops that should not be missed when visiting Oxford Street.


Along with Harrods, Selfridges is the store that has all the luxury goods you can imagine.

Disney Store (Oxford Street)

If you are on a family trip to central London there are only a few essential destinations from the kids' point of view, one is the Disney Store the other being Hamleys

Nike Town (Oxford Street)

There are not many places more awe inspiring for hip hop aficionados or sports fans than Nike Town at Oxford Circus,

Primark (Oxford Street West)

Women love Primark, that chance to change their style as often as their mood is a preoperative and don't forget it. Blame Beyonce.

Marks & Spencer (Oxford Street - East / Pantheon)

So you have spent a months wages on clothes; claimed seven store cards for your electronics and hats and new phone; you have nineteen pounds left, the best place for some great value food and various goods for your home is good old M&S. From scotch eggs to duvets this M&S has everything.

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Disney Store (Oxford Street)
Disney Store (Oxford Street)Top Pick
350-352 Oxford Street, Paddington, London, W1C 1JH

Only Disney related items, many of them exclusive. Disney Store London, offers the latest official Disney, Marvel and...Read more

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Marks & Spencer (Oxford Street - East / Pantheon)
Marks & Spencer (Oxford Street - East / Pantheon)
173 Oxford Street, Soho, London, W1D 2JR

In the heart of the West End, Pantheon store offers customers the full range. Over four floors we have a fantastic...Read more

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Food Hygiene Ratings for Marks & Spencer (Oxford Street - East / Pantheon)
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Food Hygiene Ratings for Marks & Spencer (Oxford Street - East / Pantheon)
Inspected: on 4/17/19

Nike Town (Oxford Street)
Nike Town (Oxford Street)
236 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1DE , London

Nike's flagship store showing the full range of Nike products in an incredible setting, inspired by the City of...Read more

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Primark (Oxford Street West)
Primark (Oxford Street West)
499-517 Oxford Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 7DA

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Selfridges & Co
Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street, Marylebone, London, W1A 1AB

For over 100 years Selfridges has provided the perfect environment for showcasing the world’s most desired luxury...Read more

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