Recommendations for a Family Friendly Weekend in London

Our top picks for the best cheap, fun eats in London, places to stay, things to do tourist attractions, travel advice and lots more for a family friendly weekend in London

It's reached that point, the Micheal Douglas in Falling Down moment where if you don't head to London for a weekend with your family something will snap. That might not be how the movie went but it could make an interesting tourist board advertisement.

A certainty is without planning, a family weekend in London can become expensive and a compromise for all and a real life Falling Down moment where you arrive home, arguing, with your life savings wasted on crap tourist attractions, someone goes mental and the whole family ends up dead.

That is not going to help anyone sell breakfast menus at burger restaurants and to help avoid that happening we have some excellent recommendations for everything from accommodation to places to eat that are cheap, will keep everyone happy and entertained, and are easy to get to even with a troupe of kids. Yes, from the best cheap family friendly hotels and hostels to things to do and places to eat these are our top recommendations for a family friendly weekend in London.

Hotels & Hostels

Hotel rooms are pretty expensive so a great choice for families is a large private room in one of London's hostels.

Family Friendly Restaurants

There are lots of family friendly restaurants in London but prices vary a lot so it is wise to do your research and plan accordingly. Many restaurants offer free food for kids for example.

Tourist Attractions, Museums & Things To Do

Museums are a lot cheaper than attractions, last longer as experiences and are just as fun for families. The Natural History Museum; Science Museum; London Film Museum are all good picks for families. If you are visiting in the late autumn or winter then ice skating is a great fun thing to do at the Natuaral History Museum, Somerset House and various other places. The Christmas blockbusters are another popular attraction, Leicester Square has a Christmas Market so you can combine a trip to the cinema with perhaps some Chinese food in Chinatown and a trip to an art gallery or museum.


No doubt for most families Hamleys Toy Store on Regent Street and one of The Disney Store's on Oxford Street are must visits.

Travelling Around

The Tube (London's metro) is an easy way to get around but for families you may well find that if you plan properly it is cheaper to use a ride hailing app like Uber. If you are planning on visiting many of the major central London attractions it is easier to walk and can save at least £20 for the average family. Of course taking a ride on a London bus or catching the tube are essential things to do if you are visiting London for the first time.

If you have had a successful or not so successful family weekend in London we would love to hear from you. What were the best things to do and what didn't strike a chord? If you enjoyed this article we have plenty of new content being regularly added to our London guide and London blog. Register with us free for the latest updates.

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