The Best 5 Cheap Hotels in Central London

Our top picks for the best five cheap hotels in central London, all are near Soho, Oxford Street, Mayfair and/or Piccadilly Circus

The first thing we should make clear is that there are no cheap hotels in central London. There aren't really even any cheap hostels in central London. If you want to stay in central London the minimum you can expect to pay for a hostel bed is about £30/night. For a hotel close to the centre of London it will cost a minimum of £100 per night. London is not cheap.

We were really hoping to be able to recommend some great hotels, at bargain prices, right in the city centre but it is simply not possible because there are none.

There are a limited number of hotels close to Soho and Mayfair you should consider if you are on a budget. There are important benefits to choosing a hotel close to the centre namely travel is expensive. Using public transport, which is the cheapest option, can cost £10 per person per day so as a family travelling to London you can make significant savings by being able to walk to the places where you wish to go.

With all that said these are our picks for the best five cheap hotels in London and why we chose them.

Lancaster Hall Hotel

Gower Hotel

Point A Hotel London Paddington

The Apollo Hotel

The Ridgemount Hotel

If you have visited London recently a discovered a really great cheap hotel in central London please tell us about it!

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The Best 5 Cheap Hotels in Central London Map

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