10 Most Popular London Attractions

These are our favourite picks for ten of the most popular tourist attractions in London from museums to galleries, tourist attractions to places to historic places to visit

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Tate Modern
Tate Modern

Bankside, London, SE1 9TG


Tower of London
Royal Armouries, Tower of London

Tower of London, HM Tower Of London, Greater London, EC3N 4AB

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London has many tourist attractions and things to do but there can only be a certain number that stand above the rest in terms of popularity. Although at one time popularity was no more important or at least lead to nothing more important than the chance or not of having your balls cut off for heracy it is nowadays much more about instagram and probably rightly so. If you are not hip on the gram is this even the best article for you?

In any case if you are reading this you have reduced your change of suicide and increased the chance you will attend one of our favourite tourist attractions, The ten that we have selected as the ten most popular tourist attractions in London are only influenced by their visitor numbers not some brown envelopes we collected in a back package.

British Museum  (5.9 million visits)

Tate Modern (5.7 million visits)

National Gallery (5.2 million visits)

Natural History Museum, London (4.4 million visits)

Victoria & Albert Museum (3.7 million visits)

Science Museum, London (3.3 million visits)

Southbank Centre (3.2 million visits)

Somerset House (3.2 million visits)

Tower of London (2.8 million visits)

Royal Museums Greenwich (2.6 million visits)

If you yearn for more information about tourist attractions in London take a browse of our London blog and London guide. If you have a visited a London tourist attraction that we have not featured yet then please let us know about it for the chance to earn London points.

Last updated on 26/10/2018, 06:05

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