Best Places in Soho & Mayfair for a Quick Pizza

Our top picks for the best places in Mayfair and Soho to grab a quick pizza whether you are with friends, family or on your own

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Pizza, or "le pizza" as the French call it, is great value, the perfect family food and the perfect fast food. A slice of Italy or Americana if you prefer, thin crust or thick crust. Either way if you are looking for a "pizza the action" when it comes to the best pizza restaurants in Soho and Mayfair you have come to the article on that very topping, err, topic.

Disclaimer: If you don't love pizza then you are a "weir-dough" ok there is "mush-room" for improvement with our pizza jokes and they don't improve so if you don't love bad jokes then you "feta" leave now before we start the really "cheesey jokes", we are "mature".

That's how much fun pizza can be it inspired all those bad jokes. Let's rewind, go back to reality and start by saying that Hawaiian pizza is divisive so we will try and box that discussion now, but we are going to talk about thick and thin crust and if you don't like it you can get stuffed. Google Translate is going to hate this article. Let's start with our recommendations.

PizzaExpress Jazz Club

Princi Soho

Pepe Italian Streetfood

Franco Manca Soho

Mews of Mayfair Pizza Co

If you have had a great pizza in Mayfair or Soho recently we want to hear about it. Contact us for the chance to earn some London points.

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Last updated on 19/10/2018, 04:24

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