10 Best London Clubs Since The Millenium

Our picks for the best ten London clubs since the year 2000

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The morning after the Prince song "1999" was playing at every New Year's Eve Party in London at the turn of the millennium billions of people sighed with relief as all the anxiety associated with the numerous disaster movies, threats of terrorism, natural disasters, and the millennium bug seemed to pass. Then the hangover and 9/11 happened. Well those that have spent the past couple of decades throwing caution to the wind and living like every day is their last may not own houses but at least they went to some really good club nights.

Yes, for all the political failures, decisiveness in society and pointless celebrities there has been a lot of good nightclubs, well some anyway. These are our favourites over the last twenty years.

Hedges & Butler






If you have a favourite nightclub that you rate as one of the best nightclubs of the past twenty years then we would love to hear about it. If you love nightclubs and parties then take a look at our London guide, London blog, and events section for inspirational ideas for nights out.

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