5 Coolest Areas of London for Partying

Our top picks for the best five areas of London for a great night of partying

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Like any major city London is divided in to relatively distinct districts. Some residential, some industrial, and some commercial. A bit like music but nobody has invented residential music yet. The commercial districts with restaurants, bars and nightclubs are the ones we are focusing on today, Think party; think cocktails; think dancing; think not thinking and just zoning out to some great music and fun people - those thoughts are the focus of this article.

So where is the best places to party in London you are thinking, and you would be wrong, in English it would be "where are the best places". No matter it is a party vibe and nobody likes their grammar being corrected. And people say that the English write English in a way that is deliberately confusing for foreigners. Let's just get started.

Nightlife in Soho

Nightlife in Mayfair

Nightlife in Shoreditch

Nightlife in Camden

Nightlife in the City of London

If you have a favourite area of London to party that we have missed then we want to know. Get in touch and earn some London points. Remember to check our London blog and London guide again soon as we have new content being added almost every day.

Last updated on 26/10/2018, 05:56

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