Best Chinese Restaurants in Chinatown, London

Our top picks for the best Chinese restaurants in central London's Chinatown area of Soho near Leicester Square

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Younger people familiar with Chinawtown in the Soho area of London will probably not know that the original Chinese area of London was in east London close to the docks where Chinese sailors first arrived after manning trade ships bring spices and tea. The current "Chinatown" centred around Gerrard Street, hemmed in by Shaftesbury Avenue and Leicester Square, did actually not find its footing until the 1970s.

The very first Chinese restaurant in the UK opened in London in 1907 according to the history books and over a century later Chinese food is more popular than ever. Noodles based dishes, spicy beef, roast Peking duck with Hoisin sauce and pancakes; everyone has a favourite so to think before the second world war most Brits had never tried these tastes is all the more reason to get down to Chinatown and try one of these Chinese restaurants that we love.



New Loon Fung Restaurant

Wan Chai Corner

Golden Dragon

London Chinatown Restaurant

If you have a favourite Chinese restaurant we have not featured in our London guide or London blog we would love to hear about it. What are your favourite dishes and what made it so special?

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