Recommendations for a Romantic Weekend in London

Our top picks for a romantic weekend in London including areas to visit, hotels to stay at, romantic restaurants to dine at and some fun cocktail bars and nightclubs

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A romantic weekend in London can create memories that will never be forgotten. Cultivate your love with lover with our ideas for the best hotels, things to do and places to party, these are our top picks for a romantic weekend in London

There is definitely an aphrodisiacal quality to city breaks. Perhaps it is the planning; the stay at a luxurious hotel; the romantic dinners; the sense of being two people alone together, relying on each other and working as a team or it could simply be having the opportunity to release some stress by being away from problems at work or home.

In any case having a plan for your romantic weekend in London will impress your other half, save you money and help to make your dream of an amorous time away reality. Whether you have a big budget or are planning on being more thrifty there is hopefully one idea in the recommendations below that will help you have a great time.

Romantic Areas of London

Romantic Hotels

Sanctum Soho

Romantic Restaurants

The Ivy

Saka no Hana

Romantic Cocktail Bars, Pubs & Nightclubs

Romantic Things To Do

There are few more romantic locations in London than the city's museums. The National Gallery has an oasis like feel in the hustle and bustle of central London with the darkened subterranean galleries and spotlit masterpieces providing and almost hypnotic experience. The low key but charming restaurant / cafe carriers over the respectful attitude people observe in museums to create a really nice setting to talk about what you have experienced together.


Depending on your budget a trip to central London if you are on a low income is a humbling experience. If you are about to present a £400 engagement ring and you take a stroll past the jewellers located on or around Old and New Bond Street it will be like presenting a steak and serving a 99p cheeseburger.

On the other hand if you have cash to flash then taking your partner to Tiffany and buying them a princess cut 4 carat diamond will almost definitely get you laid, a lot.

Perhaps a magicians subterfuge is needed and you take them to Primark for some bargains and then take them for a walk around the more expensive shops when they are full of food and shopped out.

Travel & Getting Around

If you have enjoyed a romantic experience in London then we would love to hear about where you went and or what you did and what you enjoyed most. If you enjoyed this article then take a regular look at our London guide and London blog for more inspiration when visiting London.

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