Top 5 Fun Restaurants in Soho

Looking for a great restaurants in Soho to spend time at with friends? These are our picks for the top five fun restaurants in Soho

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Busaba Eathai (Wardour Street)
Busaba Eathai (Wardour Street)Top Pick

106 - 110 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TR

Restaurants Eating in Style Thai Restaurants Soho Wardour Street

A birthday; a long needed catch-up with friends; a family day out, can all be enhanced with some time spent eating together. and drinking It's probably the best and most primeval way that humans bond. At the same time there is nothing more embarrassing than arranging such a get together and the occasion being let down by the restaurant's food, service, or atmosphere not being up to scratch.

Fear not, we have lots of recommendations for you. and Soho is a great choice for your fun. It is lively and being in central London adds some excitement to any occasion. There are a great choice of restaurants offering great food. And these are our top picks for fun restaurants.

If you have a favourite Soho restaurant we have missed from our recommendations we would love to hear how we should have written this article better and included better places, hell, this is the 21st century where valiant efforts pale in to insignificance in merit when compared to condescending advice; people usually use social media.

Last updated on 24/10/2018, 02:08

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