Top 5 Restaurants in Soho for Birthdays

There is a well-established chain of events for any birthday celebration: bar, restaurant, and nightclub. Why mess with a winning formula? We can certainly help with all three of those vital ingredients. Here are our recommendations for the top restaurants in Soho for birthdays.

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Inamo serves Asian fusion food in a very unusual setting. Whether you are technology friendly or not, Inamo is definitely worth a visit and the simple menu beamed onto your table via an overhead projector adds a whole new element of fun to eating out and what's more? You can play a competitive game of battleships right there. Yes. Right on your very own table! Even more cool, or creepy, depending on how you look at it – you can watch the chef's working on their culinary masterpieces .From the high-tech gimmicks to delicious eats (and fruity-fresh cocktails), Inamo really puts the fun back into dining.


If meat is your panache, then MASH will sit high in your culinary delights. Featuring premium quality steaks from some of the world's finest cattle. Whether you're looking for dry-aged Danish beef, a fantastic piece of Japanese Wagyu, tender corn-fed American beef or specially selected Uruguay Rib-eye the MASH menu never fails to impress. Not forgetting about whetting your palate, their wine list is one of the finest in London, offering incredible wines from around the world. With a unique list that starts in the USA, moving anti-clockwise from South America to Australia and then on to the old world.

The Duck & Rice

The Duck & Rice is the answer to all your problems and brings "East meets West" to a literal meaning. With a ground floor pub and a Chinese restaurant above, the Soho pub and dining room dispenses "tank beer" and provides delicious eats. Not up with the likes of Hakkasan, or Sake-no-Hana, the Duck & Rice still serves fabulous dishes in a fun setting. Who doesn't like Chinese and a posh pub these days, anyway?

Opera Tavern

Located on Catherine Street opposite the Drury Lane Theatre, Opera Tavern is a gorgeous two-storey bar and restaurant in the heart of central London's theatre land. If you're after tapas on a different level, the Opera Tavern specialises in both Italian and Spanish influenced tapas, one of which being their very popular mini Ibérico pork and foie gras burger. Opera Tavern remains one of Covent Garden's best dining options and among London's top tapas restaurants.

Barrafina (Dean Street)

If you're after Spanish tapas-paradise, then Barrafina will hit your spot. You're welcome. Barrafina's menu is loaded with Mallorcan and Catalan tapas dishes. A bright, elegant space, you perch up at an L-shaped marble bar. While counter dining is a tried and tested formula, the novelty hasn't worn off one bit – you take in the atmosphere by watching the creations being made right in front of you. Barrafina is place of charm, with great tapas. Again, you're welcome.

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